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About me

I use innovative design strategies to develop mobile responsive, user-centric online experiences.

When I create a design for a new project, I aim to understand the project's mission, goals and intended users. With true understanding, I produce unique experiences tailored to those users. As a designer and developer, I am able to design and build responsive web and mobile apps for your project needs. I invite you to peruse my specific skills and portfolio below.

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What I Can Do For You!

Web Design

Need a design for a website? You came to the right place. I can help you shape your ideas into a tangible design with good user experience at the core. This includes the use of stunning graphics, colors, and appropriate typeface.

Web Development

Do you have a design/website and need help with the development? Whether you prefer using a CMS such as WordPress or creating a custom website from scratch, I can work with you to get your project to where it needs to be.

Mobile App Development

If your target is for the ever growing mobile user population then no problem! From design to production, I will work with you to deliver the best user experience/user interface without compromising your budget.

Graphic Design

Looking for that pixel-perfect graphic design instead? From designing logos, icons, flyers, and other promotional artwork to mockups of hardware and devices, I will work closely with you to get the right look and feel.

My Toolbox

My Philosophy

With every project I undertake, I apply the following four principles in order to create hand-crafted, well-thought out solutions.


A codebase should be clean, well-documented, and easily maintainable. This should be a forethought — not an afterthought.


Be a design-centric developer. Integrate thoughtful design at each stage to create a seamless product with well-crafted pieces.


To build a great user experience (UX) with an intuitive interface (UI) — carefully consider the user’s perspective from the very beginning.


Approach each project holistically. Draw knowledge and inspiration from multiple disciplines.


Case Studies

Here are some in depth case studies of larger projects that I've worked on in the past.

Caribbean Association of Madison's background image.

Caribbean Association of Madison

Web Design, Web Development

Avatar Generator API's background image.

Beyond The Page Logo

Logo Design, Branding


Canam Research web design preview. Designed by Levyian.

CAN-AM Research Consultancy

Web Design

Music Band Poster preview. Designed by Levyian.

Music Band Poster

Graphic Design

Avatar Generator API's preview. Designed and Developed by Levyian.

Avatar Generator API

Graphic Design, Web Development

Unity Land LLC preview. Designed by Levyian.

Unity Land LLC

Web Design

Lyn's Real Deal logo. Designed by Levyian.

Lyn's Real Deal

Logo Design

Local weather web app preview. Designed and developed by Levyian.

Local Weather

Web App

Poetry poster preview. Designed by Levyian.

Poetry Poster

Graphic Design

Pomodoro mobile app preview. Designed and Developed by Levyian.


Mobile App, Graphic Design

Get your project listed here. Designed and developed by Levyian.

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